Sunday, August 06, 2006

Other Folks' Kids

There was a time when I was incredibly saddened by the prospect of babysitting someone else's child. When asked to be a sitter, I felt that ever present lump in my throat and resentment would soon follow. This was her baby not MINE! My angels were gone and other people's children seemed imitations. (If you haven't read a bit of my story, check it out here).

I haven't felt that way in a long time and you don't have to hold on to such feelings either. Choose to embrace the opportunities to love on a child. Although our hearts and souls long for our baby that has died ... give yourself permission to enjoy the healing that cuddling another child can bring .

Last week, I spent time with my neighbor's six month old daughter. Lemme tell you, it has been such a joy to play auntie for a few hours. It is the first time in a year that I've let myself feel the full enjoyment. Now my nephews (ages 4 and 8) are here and it's like playing mommy for two weeks. I feel right at home doing the stay-at-home mom thing and am grateful my sis trusts her babies with me.

I'm going to get what I can, while I can. You should, too.


Anonymous said...

I to believe that lost of a child can be very painful. My wife and I have also lost childrens and we do appreciate your site... It make us feel that we are not along in our search for answers. Even though we are not together to support each due to my demanding job we do love your site and we look forward to your next comments. Maybe someday I will have the courage to share my heart with others as you Have... Your site will be therapeutic to many of us who have know love only to have lost it with out ever truly embracing it. For those of you who do have the prize of a loving child you never want know life as we do. For it is painful at time day and night.

A Father with a desire to love.

Sharee said...

Dear A Father With A Desire to Love: Thank you for your kind words ... yes, a life without a child to love is very difficult to endure. I pray that you and your wife will be blessed with children, too. Just know that with God, nothing is impossible.

I'm glad you are able to gather useful information from the site.