Friday, April 16, 2010

A Shred of Hope

I don't know if there are too many things more painful - more lonesome - than being a married woman who wants children yet her body won't cooperate. I remember feeling like a failure as a woman, wife, mother ... human being. It was one thing to have two of my sons be expelled from my womb (they were born premature) ... it was something else to experience the stillbirth of my daughter. I felt 150% responsible for her death and couldn't imagine how I'd ever recover from the feelings of intense guilt and grief .

A dear friend once shared that we can recover from just about anything as long as we cling to at least a shred of hope. In my own moments of sadness, I found promises found in the Word have been like a life preserver to my drowning hope or faith.

Here's a word of encouragment:

Every one who fears the Lord and walks in His ways is blessed. Further, you'll be happy and all will be well. (And for the men) your wives will be a fruitful vine and your CHILDREN will be like olive plants around the table ... this is what a man will have who fears the Lord! It gets even better ... there will be children AND grandchildren! This scripture comforted me greatly and really buoyed my hope and faith that one day I'd be blessed and a mother simply because my husband was faithful to God! (Read Psalm 128 for the exact scripture)