Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Law of the Universe

Stay encouraged! Did you know that your tears are not in vain? God sees them, he bottles them, he records each tear in His book AND not only that ... God promises that we will reap JOY for all those fallen tears.

You can harbor hope knowing that although we won't forget our babies, God never intended for us to live in misery for the rest of our lives. I encourage you to let God heal your heart and swap your sorrow for joy. It never happens overnight, but as we learn to live for Him and do His will in the earth, we can claim with confidence EVERY promise written in His book. He never lies.

Write me or post a comment if you need help claiming the promises God has for you!


P.S. You can't claim promises you don't know about. Check out the scriptures that support what I've written.

He bottles our tears. Pslm 56:8
He writes each tear in His book. Pslm 56:8
He'll turn our tears of sorrow into joy. Pslm 126:5