Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Preventing Accidental Infant Deaths

I stumbled across several articles about doting parents who unintentionally left their babies strapped in sweltering hot cars. Experts claim that even diligent parents can "forget" their precious cargo if they have a lot on their mind. Stress is a particularly nasty culprit in these instances.

I know, I know ... we could never forget our precious bundles especially since many of us have prayed and cried for our blessings. Hear is an article about a loving father who did just that. He and his wife underwent infertility treatments for 5 long years and were down to their last egg when a miracle baby was conceived - in love. Little Mikey was left in the car while dad rushed to work one morning. Mikey died strapped in his car seat.

Admittedly, I couldn't read the entire article because I was physically sick with grief for this baby and his family, but I took away key information I'll never forget.

1. Accidents/negligence can happen to anyone. The minute I start thinking I'm above it is the same moment I could lose a child to a fall, a bath or a trip to Walmart.

2. Educate myself on the risks. Check out the Safe Kids USA Web site to get informed.

3. Apply what I have learned each and every day.

Read the articles I referenced below. Have tissues handy.

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