Saturday, August 05, 2006

Depression vs The Blob

If I had to wrestle with either Depression or The Blob, I think I would challenge the Blob. At least I'd know what I was up against. But Depression is slippery and oh so clever.

1. It can have you in a choke hold, but you wouldn't even know it. It won't let go after a day or even three ... Depression holds on for weeks at a time.
2. Its mental and physical symptoms lull you into believing you can beat it by yourself.
3. It'll trick you into thinking a little drinky-drinky or a pill or a puff are a good idea.
4. Too much bad food seems "okay" when Depression is whispering the instructions.
5. Depression will trick you into actually believing you can't get out of bed because "you're just tired."
6. It steals the taste of food from your mouth and robs you of your appetite.
7. It convinces you that you hate the activities you used to enjoy.
8. Depression screams in your face: "You're worthless, hopeless, and GUILTY!" and you believe its lies.
9. It will cajole you ... "Go ahead take the pills, cut yourself, end your life ..." and you'll entertain more lies.
10. Depression will talk to you all night so that you can't sleep a wink.

Listen, don't try to wrestle with Depression on your own. Definitely do not try to self-medicate with alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs ~ those "remedies" can only worsen the situation. If left untreated, Depression may take over your mind and body and cause you to do something you won't be around to even regret (we're talking about suicide ~ definitely not an option!). Here are a few things you can do to get an anti-depression SWAT team together:

Contact a trusted friend and ask him or her to look out for the symptoms listed above. Visit the National Institute of Mental Health Website and read about the symptoms and treatment of this disease. There are several types of depression, so diagnosis is best left for the professionals, but your friend can help encourage you to seek further care.

Plop open the Yellow Pages to find a professional in your area. Or find one online here.

Pray. This really should be number one on the list of remedies. I can't tell you how many times, I felt literally chained to my bed and none of my friends or family answered their phones. All I could do was cry and ask Jesus to help me. PLEASE! Within a few minutes I was either ushered into a peaceful sleep or a friend would call, and on many occasions, my dog came up and snuggled against me. Just that bit of love helped me to know God heard my plea and he comes to my aid.

I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me. Psalm 120:1, NIV


Anonymous said...

You said that your book will be out in Dec 2006. Where will I find this book and will there be a web site that I can order these types of books for other that I know have lost childrens?

Thanks I need to know websites and cost of the book.

Sharee said...

Dear Anonymous,

The book will cost $12.95 and will be available on a website as early as December 2006. I will post the link here. Please keep checking back!

Thanks for your interest ... please visit again often.