Monday, July 26, 2010

Matters of Faith

Some parents wonder if their thoughts, doubts, or decisions about "what's next" mean they lack faith. One mom has a baby on life support but agonizes over whether it is appropriate to discuss the possibility that her little one might not survive. Another mom wants to stop life support but other family members urge her to reconsider. Still another parent is scared to try to heal her child's condition naturally. These are all weighty matters that hang about each parent's neck and shoulders like an immovable stone cross.

If I stop life support does it mean I have given up?
Can God still provide a miraculous healing regardless of the treatment I choose?
If He does not, does it mean I lacked faith?
If I talk about death or dying does it mean I don't believe God for a cure?

Here are my thoughts. I don't think that believing death could happen is a sign that your faith is weak. I don't believe that your faith was insufficient if you believed God for a miracle and your baby died. Both Sarah and Abraham had moments of disbelief when told they would have a son. They even "messed up" by taking matters into their own hands and even laughing at the prophesy, but it did not block their blessing. Granted, God spoke to Abraham and even sent angels to reinforce the message ... most parents have not heard a direct word from God or from one of His messengers. But we do have the Word of God which can and should be applied liberally to our lives. There are countless scriptures that promise healing, help, comfort, children, blessings, warnings, etc. Find them and read them aloud, often. I also believe there is power in the words we speak, so watch what you say. If you have conflicting thoughts about what's next, pray! And listen for the response. Fast when you pray for even more clarity.

We've been encouraged to have faith as a mustard seed. A mustard seed is such a tiny thing, but when given the chance to take root and grow it turns into a huge plant which is well known for diverse uses and its amazing flavor. The same is true for our faith. It is whatever it is right now. Maybe your faith is even minuscule like a mustard seed, but God says that's all you need! If you allow the seed of faith to take root, develop and grow, it will transform into an amazing tool that has many uses. Among the most coveted is its ability to sustain you when nothing else can.

Until then, partner with someone who can and will believe for you.

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