Wednesday, July 14, 2010


If you're a grieving parent, I encourage you to try something new this week. Here's my suggestion:

Help someone.

You may or may not be on the receiving end of a supportive network of family and friends. But many hurting parents have an extremely difficult time seeing outside the walls of their pain. I've personally seen people flourish in spite of their pain. These are just everyday people who decided to to reach out although death has stolen their angels. Connect with them and read their stories (links provided below). Others have created media empires as they reached out to others ... John Walsh of America's Most Wanted fame comes to mind.

As for me, before I even wrote Stolen Angels I sat with a woman as she delivered her stillborn baby ... I also volunteered to be a bereavement support group facilitator for military families. In addition to writing Stolen Angels, these became outlets where I could make a huge impact and I believe losing our children wasn't in vain.

Your efforts don't have to be on such a grand scale as John Walsh's. The stories and links I provide here are about those who gave back in the area of infant and pregnancy loss ... You might decide to do something in a completely unrelated field. It's all up to you ... open your eyes ... look around ... there is a community of people who could use a helping hand.

Stories of people just like you:


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