Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Straight Shootin'

I noticed some trends in the grief community that deserve a second look. Before we go there, I gotta admit that it's not easy to shake a cat in a bag! I'm going to ask you to reconsider some long-held beliefs - beliefs I used to share. But hey. The best way to shoot a gun is to shoot it straight. So, here goes.

As Christians there are some things we can't do. Okay, I know that that nugget isn't a shocker when we're talking about premarital sex or stealing, but what about the more subtle things like ... grieving forever. Some argue that it is okay for the Christian to grieve forever. Before you scramble for the mouse to click away from my blog, let's explore this a sec. I am quick to admit that the inability to bear a child is one of life's greatest tragedies. I often defer to the Bible to back me up on that one ... it states (in my words) there are 3 things that disquiet the earth, but the fourth the earth can't even bear. And guess what that fourth thing is?? Our experiences demonstrate it and the Bible proves it, so there is no argument that the loss of a baby/infertility are life altering events (and that's stating it without the full flavor it deserves!!). Now back to my point.

Even after experiencing a life event that rolls you flat, the Christian woman was never intended to stay in that crippled state for the rest of her life. If she handles her grief just as her non-Christian counterparts handle their grief, does it prove that finally there is a hurt too big for God to heal?

I had a 10 day old son. I had a 2 day old son. I had a baby girl born "with wings" ... (they were not triplets) ... I spent 5 long years as a childless mother. Sometimes I miss my li'l angels so much I can only let out a shout. When I say I grieved - Oh. I. Grieved. But I can tell you this ... I do not grieve any longer. It was when I finally moved past praying for help (often done with great passion, mind you) to actually walking out the principles God demonstrates through His word, that I received the "elusive" healing I craved.

I have soooo much more to share on this! Comment further!

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