Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Positive Because ...

  • I have to give my losses a meaning besides "it's meaningless."
  • I want to smile again.
  • I want to find reasons to laugh.
  • I want to enjoy time with family and friends without waiting for them to provide the type of support that only comes from people who've "been there."
  • If it's all I can find, I'll cling to the final grain of hope that tells me tomorrow or some future day has to be better than today.
  • I don't know about you, but every cell in my body craves to be free of this pain.
  • I find no comfort in depression.
  • There's no freedom in suffering.
  • There's no hope in hurting.
  • I have to find ways to create a positive space ... I need to shove this pain aside just long enough to let positive thoughts wriggle their way into my life. If I only think about what can never change, my heart can't heal.
  • I acknowledge that I can't do this in my own strength. I need you, Lord, to be the Lifter of my head. Let me find strength in Your joy.

My life is forever changed. I can never be who I was, but no one says I can't be better than before. I AM a better person than before my babies died. My love has depth now. My compassion feels endless at times. I no longer avoid those who suffer ... I reach out and never say, "if there's anything I can do ..." now, I see a need and just do it. Prayers are no longer empty words thrust into the air ... I now have a mission bigger than myself. I have a life dedicated to the service of others. I'm happy. I'm blessed.

Life now has meaning and it began with a positive thought.

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rebecca said...

Congratulations on your book breaking another record & thank you for choosing to use your pain to try and help others.