Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Motherhood Over Rated?

I'm guessing this is one of those questions you can't answer from the position of childlessness. I just see so many parents who are annoyed by ... too busy for ... abusive to ... neglectful of ... their children.

I know only a couple of people who seem genuinely happy and blessed by their young children and most others seem to find that happiness once their kids are adults. BUT still ... most moms want more babies (despite their seeming misery).

As a childless mother, I want a baby more than anything else I can think of right now ... I just hope it isn't some hormone problem or empty arms syndrome or something.

So, callling all parents out there ... what are we (childless parents) getting ourselves into? Dish the good, bad and ugly.


Blue said...

I love being a mom! I knew going in there would be good times and bad times and I accept them as they come. So far I have not been disappointed.

The Good
My daughter is growing and happy and healthy despite being born 16 weeks early. She is beating all of the odds against her and I am in constant awe of her. When she sees me enter a room the smile lights up her whole face. This is SO worth the struggle to have a baby.

The Bad
My husband and I have both been sick for about a month now. We would like nothing more than to curl up in bed and not come out until we feel better. However, Azure has other plans. She is healthy and energetic and hungry and teething! There is no rest for the weary, which is probably why we are still sick.

The Ugly
The only ugly I have faced so far (as long as we are not counting the time in the NICU) is the sleep deprivation the first 6 weeks or so after she came home. They need to seriously warn people about the sleep deprivation. I could not think straight and yet I was in charge of dosing medicines and caring for this fragile little baby.

I know I have trouble to look forward to. The terrible twos and the acting out and I am in denial about the teenage years, but I cannot imagine her doing anything that would make me stop loving her. I am thankful for her every day.

I think those people who are fed up with their kids are actually stressed out in general and placing blame on the easiest targets available. (Not that all kids are angels, but they can't all be devils either.)


I truly hope that the pain and sadness of not having a child of our own will be overshadowed by the joy of finally becoming parents (of living children)!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for many parents, their children are nothing more than a tax deduction and a pretty face to add to the Christmas pictures. I would say that it depends on the parents. Who they are and why they are like that.

Parents like us (who have lost our babies) truely understand the blessing we have in our lives.
Motherhood is worth every pain and sleepness night you have to go through, especially when your toddler looks at you and says "I love you". (she might be repeating something I told her, but it does feel good!) Good.
Motherhood is frustrating- it is hard hard work! Sleep deprivation is a big deal for anyone, no matter how great a miracle their healthy child may be. I would describe that as the bad side. Realizing that no matter how sick you are (or tired) you still have to be a parent. No calling in sick there.

The ugly? I will get back with you on that. I would have to add that you will not have any nice things left in your house once the child starts getting into stuff. but that is to be expected.