Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why Ask Why?

Earlier, I reflected on a young lady at my mom's job who was only two weeks behind me in her pregnancy ... only God will know why one child was taken, another spared.

Asking "why" has been one of my life's most fruitless endeavors. Why brings zero closure ... it only keeps grief a gaping angry wound. I had enough anger to fuel Air Force One on a world tour ... I didn't need why's inflammatory presence!

So, why do we continue to ask why? Is it simply human nature? Or do we just like to occupy or time with empty ponderings?


Kari said...

I think we ask why because it is human nature to question heartache. We ask why as a way of measuring our worth. Such as why me? I am good person I wanted that baby I would have loved and appreciated that baby but instead I lost it while other less suitable people have babies effortlessly. Maybe we continue to ask why so that we remind ourselves to look for purpose in the experience.
I dont know the answer but I do know it is hard to stop asking why. Even when it leaves "gaping angry wonds".

Sharee said...

I'm with you there! It is hard to stop, but when I catch myself doing it ... I cut off that train of thought. My sanity depends on it!