Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She Got Caught Doing Something I've Only Dreamed About

I can't judge Shannon Beck. She only got caught doing something I could only dream of doing ~ kidnapping a newborn baby. How many of you wanted a baby so bad you felt you would do anything? Am I alone in my twisted thoughts?

Don't get me wrong ... I'm not justifying the crime, only saying I can understand it. Pray for Shannon. Given the wrong situation, no person is any stronger, any better or any holier than the other.

If any one of us were pushed to a particular edge, who's to say we wouldn't jump off?


Rian said...

That breaks my heart. It just shows the true world we live in. When a women who has suffered the loss of her child feels she has nothing else to do but steal someone else's baby. Where were the people that should have been helping her deal with her grief?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what remedy can take away such a powerful desire to be a mom? She must have really reached the end of her rope. I feel bad for all parties involved in yet another tragedy.

Ali said...

When you are surrounded by people who cannot possibly understand your pain, or your state of mind how can you expect those people to help? I had no one around me to help me. There wasn't even a support group in my area to help those women like me. I was left to grieve alone and try to make my way out of the hell I was in. Thankfully I did it with the help my husband, we did it together. I often wanted to lose it and just die. I often thought about killing myself. The thing of it is everyone forgets how differently we all grieve. I am usually not a proponent of this "mentally unstable" act criminals like to play out. But in this case, having been through the hell she must have been going through I can honestly say she was unstable in my mind. She was drawn to this child by the balloons welcoming her. She must have thought "those are the balloons I'd be having outside of my house" She must have felt such incredible sadness and pain that she lost it. I can only feel sorry for her. Not the crime, but for her pain.