Friday, June 22, 2012

Are your Words Making YOU a Weakling??

I'm a firm believer that there are certain laws that prove true. We're not talking laws enforced by government ... I'm talking about the spiritual laws. And one spiritual law is that WORDS have power. So what you say about yourself, your situation, or other people is either making you strong or weak and ineffective at life. A weakling. Follow me for a minute.

1. God spoke the world into existence.
2. WE are made in God's image. (Whether you are a Christian or not!)
3. We have the power to speak things into existence, as well. (Whether you are a Christian or not!!)

Have you ever noticed that your emotions and thoughts tend to influence the words you say aloud? The words you speak also affect how you feel and what you think. A combination of these impact how you behave. It's a simple cycle that can work for or against you. Check out this example:

You feel a little down in the dumps (an emotion) and tell yourself, this depression won't let me be happy again (a thought), so you stay home (behavior). Your co-worker calls to invite you for brunch, but you tell her, "I feel horrible, so can't go out" (words). You lay on the couch and watch re-runs - alone (behavior).

And this cycle goes on indefinitely! What if you try to consciously stop those thoughts before they affect your behavior?? Sometimes when my mind starts leaning toward the negative, I will snap myself back on track by doing the following.

1. Shout "NO!" when negative thoughts start getting in the way.
2. Sing uplifting songs to drown out the unwanted thoughts.
3. Get busy doing something productive (cleaning, reorganizing, studying)
4. Relax my mind with a leisure activity that I enjoy.
5. Exercise (plus you get a dose of those endorphins that make your mind happy!)

I also make it a daily practice to remind myself that just because I "feel" a certain way doesn't mean I have to give in to it. I can CHANGE MY MIND by replacing a negative with a positive thought (i.e. "I can't" become "YES, I can!! ... or "I'll try!"). I'm not bound by the things that pop into my head. If I feel down, I say "so what??" I'm going to do my best to be a blessing to somebody anyway! Everyday, I'm determined to have a good day.

Try it! It can literally change every area of your life. It has for me.



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