Friday, December 04, 2009

Need Healing? Give.

I recently came across an article that demonstrates a concept that will help those brave enough to grab hold of it. Before you read the article, ask yourself this: What could happen if I allowed myself a moment to step outside my anguish? What if I could heal my brokenness by looking for ways to help heal others?

The Bible tells us to give and it will be given back to you. Meditate on those words.

"give and IT will be given back to you"

What do you need most? Is the IT you seek healing? A child? Deliverance from your grief?

I believe that whatever the IT is that you seek, God will provide what you need if you choose to -give. Step outside your own pain and give of yourself to someone else. Do it cheerfully and with passion. I believe that the more you give, the more you will receive of that thing you need. Trust that God knows what you need ... open yourself to what He has for you and - give.

Read the article here and note that this concept seems to work for believers and nonbelievers. Perhaps it is a law of the universe. Share your thoughts. Share your experiences with this.

And since you are in the reading mood ... take time to check out the rest of that scripture in John 6:38 (hey, read the entire chapter!). It only gets better.


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