Thursday, July 03, 2008


Occasionally I will post a quote about mothers that puts a knot in my throat ... here's one from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

"Even He that died for us upon the cross, in the last hour, in the unutterable agony of death, was mindful of His mother, as if to teach us that this holy love should be our last worldly thought-the last point of earth from which the soul should take its flight for heaven."
I imagine each of my three angels and wonder if I were the last thing on their minds when they died. Maybe they couldn't articulate it as well as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but was it me - the energy from my love, from my mother-ness that ushered them from breath to whatever comes next? I wonder if it was like a passing of the baton between me and the Holy Spirit, who ultimately escorted my precious cargo to their final home.
When it is my time to leave this earthly vessel, and if my mother does not head Home before me, I wonder if my thoughts will be with her, as Jesus' were on his mother? Or maybe I'll think of my husband or children. I don't know ... but one thing I do know is this, it is my mission to ensure I live this life in a manner that will allow me to see my angels again in Heaven.
For eternity.

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