Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sense of Urgency

I feel a growing sense of urgency to get busy writing this blog again. I need to share with you the examples God provided to women just like me and you. Women who want children so bad, but motherhood is stolen through infertility, miscarriage, prematurity or infant death.

There are many women today just barely clinging to their faith after experiencing the death of a baby or due to the inability to conceive. We're not alone. There is a long list of godly women who waited years for a baby and I will spend the next several months exploring the following:

1. Who are these "barren" women of the Bible?
2. How long did it take to conceive?
3. What steps did they take to make it happen?
4. Was their inability to conceive punishment for something they did wrong?
5. How did women bare children for their husbands if they were "barren"?

I'll add to these topics as the Lord leads. I pray you'll find truth, but most importantly you'll be inspired and strengthened by the Word of God.


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