Friday, August 03, 2007

For the Childless Mother

For 5 agonizingly long years I was a childless mother. I was the lady constantly holding onto then losing hope that I would ever have a baby of my own. Years into my journey, I only met two people who experienced multiple losses without yet having a child survive.

I only met two people who struggled with infertility without yet experiencing a successful pregnancy. (The same two people mentioned previously, mind you)

In support group, all the ladies experienced loss, but they also had at least one child to return home to ... to snuggle with ... to hold, watch grow and love. But not me. I often wondered who would be an example for women like me, the childless mother?

I've been following the blog of a young couple who were infertile for 2 seemingly endless years. They clung to their faith and have posted a beautiful picture and lyrics that offer such complete hope. Miracles still happen.

Read the post here.

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