Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was browsing pregnancy headlines when I discovered the saddest thing:

Two couples prayed, cried and hoped for babies to add to their little family unit.

Two couples took varying fertility treatments to meet that end.

Two couples got pregnant -with six babies each.

These same two couples delivered their sextuplets within 10 hours of each other.

One couple's babies were born 10 weeks early. Their babies are expected to spend 6-8 weeks in the NICU.

The other couple's babies were born 4.5 months early. Sadly, four of the latter have died.

Read more here and here.


Andria and Co. said...

The fifth sextuplet recently died as well... it was recently updated on their website, morrison6.com. So sad, I can't even imagine...

Sharee said...

Now that is incredibly sad. I can't wrap my mind around that kind of tragedy either.

Anonymous said...

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