Sunday, July 30, 2006

Life after 3 Losses

If you just lost a baby, boy have you come to the right place. It's been about 8 months since my husband and I lost our third baby, so you could say I'm a kind of "expert" when it comes to this type of grief. In the coming days, I'll tell you how to find the motivation to kick back those grief-weighted covers in the morning (they weigh about a ton!), how to respond to those ignorant (although well-intentioned) comments by others and how to finally smile again. Our story is kinda sad, so I'll tell you what went down in bite-sized chunks ... I don't want to scare anyone away ...

Anywho. Check back tomorrow ... I'll have posted Elyana's story (and told you a wee bit more about me).


Its your handBagS girl said...

Hey I think that the story was so unbelievably heart wrenching. Dang girl I knew you had lost the third one but not like this. My goodness your are very strong to come out of where youve come into today. I congratulate you for having the courage to wantto help others thru your loss/gain. Take care and stay strong. I hoep you can figure out who I am.

Sharee said...

Its Your Handbags Girl,

This experience has been extremely painful, but I thank God that he is channeling this pain in a way that will touch others struggling with the same. He gets all the glory.

As for who you are ... I only know one girl who is a handbag expert ... you sound just like her ;)